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When we think about who are the most responsible in terms of protecting the environment, we tend to think of large companies. It is true that many of them are adopting commitments and environmental policies in all its activities.

However, each of us also has a lot to contribute. Although, sometimes, we have the sensation of being drops of water in the ocean, as consumers we have a great power of action. But, from our homes, through responsible consumption of electricity and resources, we can also collaborate in a remarkable way. In this article we will see how you can become the change you want to see in the world.

Combat the greenhouse effect
We all play a fundamental role in the protection of the environment, not just companies. [/Caption]

Consumer power

The market moves by supply / demand and, each one of us, as consumers, we have power to influence the market. Therefore, our decisions when buying influence this and have more power than you imagine.

Within this power of decision , the most respectable option with the environment is that of organic products . Since, in the process of producing these, they are always associated with a lower emission of greenhouse gases in terms of their transport, thus helping to combat climate change.

In Spain the consumption of organic products has increased in recent years, although we are still far from the European countries at the top in terms of consumption. France, Germany and the United Kingdom are at the forefront of the environmentalist race. However, what we are European leaders is in organic production , although 80% of this production is for export. This growing interest in organic products is mainly due to the search for healthier products and to a greater awareness of what what happens in our environment.

The safety of ingesting a product that has not been treated with synthetic fertilizers or has suffered an overexposure of pesticides are factors that encourage your purchase. The absence of these treatments not only has benefits in human health , but also in the environment because all these synthetic fertilizers and pesticides end up being stored in nature affecting ecosystems .

The difference between the ecological and conventional media basket is very noticeable. While those consumers of organic products opt mainly for vegetables, fruits and cereals, in a conventional basket has a greater weight meat, fish and dairy products .

The impact of our consumption on the environment is also closely linked to our diet . For some years, it has been shown that those diets with greater presence of vegetables, to the detriment of meat, are more beneficial for the environment.

Numerous studies have proven that a lesser presence of meat on our plates is one of the fastest ways to protect our environment . In everything that concerns water consumption, land use and greenhouse gas emissions vegetables are a greener option than meat .

[caption id = "attachment_470" align = "aligncenter" width = "1400"] Ecological products and the environment Consuming organic food and proximity is a simple way to fight against climate change [/ caption]

Responsible resource management

After having already purchased the products, there is a fundamental maxim for managing resources at home in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. And it is none other than the “rule of the three R’s”, reduce, reuse and recycle.

The first one, reduce , is also closely linked to consumption. It is estimated that the 30% of the food that is produced is thrown away. This waste also has a great environmental impact, since they are resources used to produce those foods that are wasted. With prior planning at the time of purchase, this waste of resources could be prevented.

Another element that should be controlled is water . There are a lot of small gestures, which together allow you to save large amounts , such as the installation of double-push tanks.

With regard to reusing, many more products than those around us have a half-life of more than one use. A good example are plastic bags. Just a few years ago they were conceived as disposable, since they were offered free of charge in supermarkets. However, since this changed the reuse of them has been triggered.

Finally, after buying only what is necessary, and having reused it to the limit of its capabilities, only recycle it to restart the cycle.

To recycle is not exclusively to take it to the right container, but to give it a a different use for which it has been created . In this way, in addition to helping the environment, you save yourself buying new things.

In addition, you must know that if you separate the waste in your house according to the material they are built from, the task of recycling in the corresponding container becomes much simpler. Without forgetting the other clean points that you should use to recycle other types of waste such as oils, paints, batteries, etc.

[caption id = "attachment_471" align = "aligncenter" width = "1400"] Reduce, reuse and recycle Sustainable consumption of energy

Our homes are a large consumer of energy that comes from the Spanish electricity grid. But in order to have this electricity before, they have had to take advantage of different natural resources, which can be renewable or not. Therefore, the amount of energy we consume in our homes also has an impact on the environment.

The first measure to save on electricity is quite basic, although that does not mean you have to stop remembering it. Turn on the light only when you need it, and turn it off when it is no longer needed. Open windows and blinds during the day to take advantage of sunlight and turn off the light when you leave the room. With these simple gestures you will already be saving energy and the environment will thank you.

Very relative to the maximum use of light is the control of the consumption of the devices that have the stand-by function. . All those that when turned off leave on a small light, usually red, continue to consume. It seems that no, but who does not have his home full of these little “electric vampires”?

Another line of action is to acquire products with the highest energy efficiency possible. All of them tend to have a higher price than those that consume more, however , if we have a long-term vision, these devices amortize their initial investment. And yes, we are referring to light bulbs, refrigerators, washing machines and almost any other household appliance.

Another investment that pays off over time is the improvement of the thermal insulation of the home, mainly in windows . Installing shutters or double glazed windows will not only isolate your home from outside noise, but also allow you to keep the heat in a simple way. Remember that windows are the main points of energy loss of your home.

Another aspect that generates more energy consumption and, therefore, more should be monitored, is the air conditioning of the house . Although we all like to be at home warm in winter and cool in summer, from the environmental point of view is a waste. But do not get confused, we are not saying that to respect the environment you have to go cold in winter or roast in summer. You just have to be aware of the season of the year you are in, dress appropriately for it and use the air conditioning in a rational way. In addition, there are new products such as the evaporative coolers that allow to cool the environment with low energy consumption .

[caption id="attachment_472" align="aligncenter" width="1400"]How to save electricity in your home Only responsible consumption of electricity guarantees the sustainability of the planet

In Enérgya-VM we believe that the sum of small actions is the way to get big changes. Therefore, by acquiring respectful habits with the environment we will be able to leave the planet a little better than how we found it.


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