Online risk coverage service that allows our customers to know the quote in time.

Through an agile and simple contracting operation, EVM puts an online risk management tool at the service of its clients. Through 4 clicks the owner of the installation will be able to select the Product based on the desired period, expiration date and volume thereof and contract it in less than 5 minutes.

The transaction will be finalized through an electronic signature through Logalty’s secure payment gateway.

Flexibility and agility in hiring

You You can change rates and contract online and in real time always verified by means of the electronic signature

Real-time information

Being an online risk coverage service, we can offer you all the information about the quotation of all the products of the OTC and international markets.

Greater product offer

By having all the information of the products in real time and online we can increase the offer of products at your disposal as well as speed up the hiring.

Order history information

All your orders are registered in EnerHedge in order to provide you with all the historical information of your activity on the platform

Ability to adjust the coverages in case of changes

In order to streamline and make contracting more flexible and optimize the performance of Enerhedge, we make it possible to adjust the coverage in the case of changes.


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