Market information

We actively collaborate with our clients in the identification of opportunities, management and monitoring for the sale of electricity to the market, making available to your company all kinds of services related to the economic management of your electricity production.

The more than 15 years of experience of Enérgya-VM as sales agent representing generation facilities before the different organisms and market operators allow us to offer our clients the best market conditions both in terms of revenues and costs through our Portfolio effect providing maximum added value through our energy management and liquidation departments.

Uninterrupted market table

Attended by specialized professionals. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We transfer to our clients the benefits obtained by portfolio effect in deviation screenings.


We increase profitability through the participation in the market of complementary services and management of deviations.

Best results

We provide better economic results for your installation when making the most accurate forecasts.

Risk management

Possibilities of physical and / or financial contracting at a fixed price. We design risk hedging programs adapted to your business.


We actively collaborate with our clients in the identification of opportunities and management.


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