Office of Generation and Auto-invoice

All the economic information of your installation grouped in a useful, simple and online way.

Through your username and password you can access all the economic information of your installation in a fast and simple way, being able to approve the proposed self-invoices without having to make them yourself.


A voluntary and totally free service from which you can benefit without any additional cost. Thanks to self-billing, you will save costs and paper by having your invoices in digital format. In addition, of the greater comfort and availability that we offer you to file, organize, review and work with your invoices. With all this, it contributes to the conservation of the environment. You can make the elimination of incidents derived from non-automatic invoicing. No additional costs.


We put at your disposal a new electronic billing service that offers many advantages. Invoices do not require a physical space for their filing, as happens with paper invoices having the same validity as the conventional physical invoice. In addition to helping to take care of the environment by reducing paper consumption. You can check your invoices when and where you want, Receiving a notice by email when the invoice is issued. We offer you the free service and without commitment of permanence. If you wish, you can receive the printed invoice at any time.


The terms of the payments are determined by the receipts that are generated from your invoice, both in amount, number and expiration date of these. A form of payment, even if it has no deferment and reflects an immediate payment, must always have at least one payment term.


It includes the possibility of downloading all the information related to the billing for the period you want in Excel format. It also allows you to download report 347.


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